Software Security series
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Software Security series
The Software Security series

"When it comes to software security, the devil is in the details. This book tackles the details."

—Bruce Schneier
CTO and founder, Counterpane
Author of Beyond Fear and Secrets and Lies

Software Security: Building Security In
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Building Security In...

Beginning where the best-selling book Building Secure Software left off, Software Security teaches you how to put software security into practice. The software security best practices, or touchpoints, described in this book have their basis in good software engineering and involve explicitly pondering security throughout the software development lifecycle. This means knowing and understanding common risks (including implementation bugs and architectural flaws), designing for security, and subjecting all software artifacts to thorough, objective risk analyses and testing.

Software Security is about putting the touchpoints to work for you. Because you can apply these touchpoints to the kinds of software artifacts you already produce as you develop software, you can adopt this book's methods without radically changing the way you work. Inside you'll find detailed explanations of:

  • Code review using static analysis tools
  • Architectural risk analysis
  • Penetration testing
  • Security testing
  • Abuse case development

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The annotated bibliography is now available as a PDF.

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